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The world’s two most famous operating systems are Linux and Windows operating systems. Preference of the two operating systems is based on the personal experiences of the users. There has been a raging debate for a long time over which one is the best and different people have divergent views. In this piece however, we will dwell on what are the advantages of Linux dedicated servers, sometimes with the reference to the windows dedicated servers.

To begin with, Linux offers businesses with an environment to operate that is not only reliable but secure for the growth and the expansion of business. They further grant the businesses high level of stability as well as affordability than any of the many options in the market today. Below are the advantages of Linux dedicated servers.

Affordable: Getting your business online is not an easy task. You have to design the website, create a lot of optimized content, market the site and finally search and sign up with a web host. All these requires money, and by the time you may get online, you ate likely to be down on your knees. However, Linux offers the most affordable solution to many businesses that have to undergo through tough times to get online. It is an open source and anyone from anywhere can use it. Users of Linux can modify and upgrade their application for free and regularly as they are made available at no cost for download. This is not the case with windows whose applications come with licenses that have to be renewed annually or periodically.

Security: There is no doubt that Linux is one of the most secure operating systems around. With Linux, there is little chance of the system crashing as a result of viruses. Linux dedicated servers come with preinstalled security features like malware, anti-spyware as well as firewalls. This keeps off all the malicious programs from the systems reducing the likelihood of any attack. This is not the case with the Windows Operating system which has been around for long, making it easier for developers of malicious programs to install viruses in their systems.

It is Conversion Ready: Linux dedicated servers are easy to use. It is as a result easier to convert a window based server to a Linux server. You can as well easily move from Linux to windows without as much as effort.

Scripting Languages: Linux supports an array of scripting languages including SQL and others. This makes it the most preferred choice by web designers and programmers.

For these advantages to be realize, it is important to note that it by a large extend depend on the type of web hosting company you sign up with. You should select a competent host who is conversant with the Linux dedicated servers. You should also be conversant with the operating system. If not, then there is no harm in going for the operating system that you can freely interact with, be it Windows, UNIX or any other. Take your time and choose carefully.

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Advantages Of Linux Dedicated Servers

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This article was published on 2012/03/02